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Our Ideal Client

Ideal Client Description

At Capital Financial Solutions, LLC., our focus is on working with successful professionals, executives, and business owners. Though we don’t work exclusively with clients with a requisite minimum of investable assets, we’ve found that our partnership and services work most effectively with those who have a minimum of $100,000 in investable assets. Most important, our clients turn to us for help in establishing, reaching, and maintaining their long-term financial goals, and they exude the following qualities:

  • Desire to Delegate. Our clients want to spend less time on their finances and more time doing the things they really enjoy. They view us as their personal CFO and understand that our role is to provide them with honest, smart, and relevant financial guidance.
  • Genuinely Nice. Our clients are some of the nicest people we know. We find that working with people who we genuinely enjoy spending time with makes our partnership most successful.
  • Serious About Their Finances. Our clients are serious about making smart, informed decisions and have worked hard to save their money and achieve their financial goals. They realize there are no shortcuts to pursuing these long-term financial goals, and they work closely with us to stay on track.
  • Open to Introducing Our Practice to Others. Our clients realize that our relationship helps them achieve their ambitious financial goals, and in turn, they are often eager to refer us to others they care about.


Our Ideal Client’s concerns and needs:

  • They need an advisor to help them make financial decisions with confidence.
  • They need coordination with advisors.
  • They don’t want to outlive their money.
  • They want planning for potential premature death or disability.
  • They want planning for the end of life care, possibly for parents and for themselves.
  • They want to be comfortable with their legacy.
  • Processing “too much information” is a concern.
  • Succession planning may be a concern for business owners.
  • They are also interested in legacy planning.

Pre-ideal clients’ needs and concerns:

  • They need to accumulate retirement funds.
  • They are concerned about teenage children through college.
  • They want help planning for major purchases.
  • They want help planning for premature death or disability.
  • They may need help caring for aging parents.

How our business is positioned to meet their needs:

Having implemented a well-defined, comprehensive and client centered advice process, we are in a position to significantly grow the number of ideal and pre-ideal clients that we are able to serve consistently and thereby encourage more referrals.